10 Weird Apps You Won’t Believe Actually Exists

Mobile apps have blown up in a big way, most in part due to the release of the first iPhone. From maps, to dating, to restaurant search, to bus timings, there’s an app for practically anything. All these apps can be quite useful in our day to day lives, but there are some random weird apps that are totally pointless. Let’s check them out:


10. Cuddlr

Weird Apps: Cuddlr

Yay! Lets cuddle. Image: digitaltrends.com

There is Tinder, and there is Lovoo. But those are dating apps, where people meet online and when they match, they go out on a date and do stuff. But this is a weird app designed for desperate people. When it’s a match people can cuddle… but only online. Yes all of us think it’s weird enough.  One good news is this app isn’t available on Android. Another reason why it’s the superior mobile operating system.

9. Paper Racing

Weird Apps: Paper Racing

I understand, Even I thought it was some other paper. Image: play.google.com

You probably thought this was something else, but be prepared to expect the unexpected. Paper Racing is a app where you can compete with your friends to see who ran out of toilet paper first. I’m not sure why an app like this is necessary to exist in the first place, but don’t let me deter you. Go download the app and paper race away!


8. Yo!


Yo Yo! Yo Yo Yo! Yo!! Don’t be surprised, because that’s all this app does. You select a person in your contact list and send Yo! to them. That’s it. It doesn’t do anything else. Can’t imagine a more pointless and weird app than this one.


7. Pimple Popper


This is probably the grossest app to come across in the Play Store. As the name says, this app allows you to pop pimples by using two fingers on the screen and well, popping the pimple. One advantage is, popping them here will not be painful. But still, eww.


6. Run Pee

Weird Apps: Run Pee

Gotta pee? Image: revision3.com

Things just got interesting. Run Pee tells people when they should pee in the middle of the movies, so that they can go take a pee without missing any important scenes in the movie. Actually very helpful one one hand but very weird on the other.


5. De-motivational Pics

Weird Apps: De-motivational Pics

From bad to worse. Image: play.google.com

Having a bad day? Well there is an app  out there to make it worse. This app has all De-motivational pics and quotes to make your day more pathetic by demotivating you all the way. This app is for all those that want to watch the world burn.


4. Carr Matey

Weird Apps: Car Matey

Dude where is ma car!! Image: youtube.com

Car Matey is actually very useful. It helps find misplaced or parked cars, through maps and GPS. This is a much needed app for everyone, as it can be useful in a very crowded parking space and when you don’t remember where you parked your. But the weird part of this app is that it helps you find your car in a Pirate’s voice. AYE!! ye all heard it right.


3. Cat Paint

Weird Apps: Cat Paint

Meow!! Image: play.google.com

Cat Paint allows us to do is to choose a picture of a cat and then gives you the required tools to paint them. Simply weird and pointless. Who could have drummed up this ingeniousness?


2. Spirit Story Box

Weird Apps: Spirit Story Box

Who ya gonna call? Image: itunes.apple.com

There is something strange in the neighborhood. Yes, this Spirit Story Box helps find out what the ghosts around a person is saying at that point in time. In a ghost’s voice. Very creepy and very weird.


1. Places I’ve Pooped

Weird Apps: Places I've Pooped

Oh no!! Image: itunes.apple.com

Well poop! Places I’ve Pooped tells when and where people have taken a shit. Completely and totally unnecessary. Day 294, and still wondering how this app is useful.


Well, we’ve had it some of the most weirdest apps for both iOS and Android. On the plus side, at least all of them are free.


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