10 Weird USB Flash Drive Designs

Creativity is the mother of invention, and some people love to get rather creative, especially when it comes to USB Flash Drive designs. Their small form factor has allowed designers to get quite creative without hindering the device’s basic functionality. USB flash drive casings have been fashioned into pretty much everything. Weird here doesn’t mean its bad, but it’s just something that’s not standard. So let’s check out 10 weird USB flash drive designs:

  1. Pen USB Drive


Image: http://4imprint.com

If you’re the type of person that transfers data often, and it always writing something down, then this pen USB drive was designed for people just like you. It has an actual pen at the front that you can write with and you can detach the USB head at the middle of the pen. It’s quite nifty.


  1. Whale USB Drive


Image: http://aliexpress.com

This USB drive is shaped like a whale so you can carry around a little bit of aquatic life wherever you go. It’s simply fun to have and is unique in every sense.


  1. Teddy-Bear USB

Image: http://usbgeek.com

Image: http://usbgeek.com

For those who would rather not spend a moment without Mr. Snuggles, you can now carry him around with you in a very convenient manner that won’t have people questioning your mental well being. This fluffy USB drive is cute and cuddly and will make the inner child in you smile from ear to ear. When inserted into your PC it looks like a teddy bear shoved his head inside. Which is quite hilarious, or disturbing, depending on how you look at it.


  1. Bacon USB Drive


Image: http://usbmemorysticks.net

Because everybody loves bacon. Carry around your favourite breakfast item wherever you go. Pro tip: it’s not edible.


  1. Padlock USB Drive


Image: http://adgets.boingboing.net

This padlock-shaped USB drive isn’t just for show. It functions just like an actual padlock so you can lock it to prevent unauthorized access. Just make sure you never lose the keys.


  1. OOOMS Wooden USB Stick


Image: http://flash-wholesale.com

If you’re a big fan of wood then this is right up your alley. The drive is made from actual wood which are tailor-made to bring out the best wooden USB sticks.


  1. Condom USB Drive


Image: http://tech-walk.com

Wrap it up before you stick it in! We’ve all heard that throughout life. And funnily enough, the same holds true for USB flash drives. It’s generally a dangerous habit to be putting your stick into any and any slot, especially without knowing beforehand if that slot has protection. That’s how viruses are spread, and we could surely do without those. Pro tip: actual condom not included.


  1. Lipstick USB Drive


Image: http://usbgeek.com

An accessory with functionality. The USB lipstick blends right in with the rest of your make up kit. If you are a guy it may look rather awkward to own such a USB, but the reactions from people would make it worth it.


  1. Eraser USB Drive


Image: http://designsponge.com

The eraser USB Drive combines an actual eraser with a flash drive. Just be sure not to overuse it till the eraser fades away leaving the drive bare.


  1. Cassette USB Drive


Image: http://www.customusb.com

Only 90s kids and older will probably remember what a cassette is. The good ol’ days before CDs and streaming everything digitally. This is a USB drive designed for the retro lovers.


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