10 of the Worst Bathroom Design Fails Ever

Your privacy is very important, particularly when you’re at your most vulnerable excreting your bodily waste. Bathroom design goes a long way in ensuring that your privacy is respected and that you are as comfortable as possible.

Unfortunately, not everyone sees things this way. Some just believe the bathroom is a place to let loose without caring who sees. With that, here are the 10 of some of the worst bathroom fails. Not surprisingly, most of these involve just plain bad urinal design.


  1. This broken privacy screen has made possible some really, awkward situations. But try to be cool about it and don’t take a peek.


  1. Might as well look ’em dead in the eye and shit like a boss.


  1. Be a gentleman and never use the urinal in the corner.


  1. Close enough to fist bump. Just make sure you do that before you wipe.


  1. Proper urinal etiquette dictates that you should avoid the middle urinal.


  1. It would be nice to take a piss while you shit right next to me.


  1. Just try to imagine five guys at once doing number two. Yeesh.


  1. There was more than enough space for a privacy screen. Like, way more.


  1. Use the end ones only. And no peeking.


  1. This is perhaps the only situation where ‘excuse me’ doesn’t apply. So if you’re using the urinal to the left, you’ll be blocking the passage to the urinal on the right. Similarly, if you’re using the urinal on the right, then someone came in after you and started using the one on the left, you’d have to wait a bit until they finished their business. Seriously, who approved this?


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