Top 10 Worst Video Games You Don’t Want to Play

There are a number of video games that have been developed over the years only to disappoint those of us who had eagerly awaited their release.  Most are due to poor gameplay design, graphics, and sound. Below is a list of the 10 worst video games we regretted ever playing.


10. Superman 64

Worst Video Games: Superman 64


This game was developed in 1999, but was never quite finished due to some issues with DC Comics and Warner Bros. Apparently only 10% of the original game design was actually implemented.  No wonder the game seems so unfinished and nigh unplayable.  Superman 64 has a lot of bugs and glitches due to its relatively unfinished development.  The gameplay is not very good making it difficult to play and the graphics and grating sound make it even more difficult to play.


9. E.T.

Worst Video Games: ET


E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is a game that was written in a five (5) week period prior to Christmas after the release of the 1982 hit move ET.  Unfortunately, the game was not as big of a hit as the movie.  The graphics were terrible, the game play was difficult to learn and many pits that were a notable part of the game were too difficult to conquer and became cumbersome.  This game was a huge disappointment for Atari.


8. Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

Weird Video Games: Big Rigs - Over the Road Racing


Big Rigs is an extremely cheap game developed with an astonishing low budget of roughly $15,000.  The concept of the game does not meet its execution.  There is no real intent to the game, no other trucks racing against you, no police chases, not time limit, no milestones whatsoever.  Plus, you can drive right through any object in your way.  It’s just pointless.


7. Blackwater

Worst Video Games: Blackwater


Blackwater was developed and released in 2011, and a year later in 2012 for the Xbox 360 Kinect (first one of its kind).  It seems like a first-person shooter game would be great on a Kinect type game.  However, it has some serious flaws such as having to start over from the beginning of each level of if you die.  Most games have a safe haven, if you will, with checkpoints along the way.  The game also does not have as many enemies as some gamers would like either, the same five enemies attack each time. It definitely needed a lot work.


6. Rambo: The Video Game

Worst Video Games: Rambo


Rambo was developed after the success of the movie trilogy.  The game is supposed to follow the trilogy (which it does), but it is a light gun game, and so players don’t have much freedom.  The graphics are not very good, the sound is terrible and the shooting is not much fun at all.  The whole game seems staged and too easy.  There is an option to play with a second player, but it doesn’t add much to the game.


5. Busby 3D

Worst Video Games: Busby 3D


Busby 3D is the fourth video game in its franchise.  Some of the major complaints of this game are the graphics, the controls, and … Busby’s personality itself.  Additionally, the music and voice-overs are terrible making the game hard to listen to as well.


4. Amy

Worst Video Games: Amy


Amy is a survival horror game where you control Lana, Amy’s protector.  Lana must stay close to Amy in order to protect her and keep her safe.  The game has great graphics and sounds, so the presentation of the game is not a problem to most (although there have been complaints on the Xbox side).  However, the gameplay itself is very confusing and frustrating, making it hard to even beat the game.


3. Navy Seals: Weapons of Mass Destruction

Worst Video Games: Navy Seals WMD


Navy Seals: WMD did not live up to its name or the type of game it should be.  The missions only include shooting the enemy, there are no bombs or other methods to fighting the enemy.  The game is quirky causing players to restart missions often.  The graphics are not very good and the sound is lacking at best.


2. Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties

Worst Video Games: Plumbers Dont Wear Ties


The premise of the game is to get John and Jane together.  However, the acting is terrible, the graphics are motionless, the gameplay is lacking, and the storyline is horrible.  This game received some of the lowest ratings in history, some as low as 3% and 4%.


1. Action 52

Worst Video Games: Action 52


Action 52 is a multicart game that includes 52 different games.  Most games include shooting or platforming (jumping from one platform to another or over obstacles).  Most of the games have glitches, bad graphics, and horrible sound.  The main problem with the game is that there is no real premise.  Action 52 is simply a box of 52 mini games with no real objective.